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Twenty years and...

…we are still quirky, eccentric, talented, competent, smallish, self-funded*, private, independent, run by a girl, and successful in our model of business.

Our business model that other's are trying to replicate (and sometimes with our help)

They say that imitation is the best compliment, well if we were compensated for all the imitation and often outright plagiarism we have experienced over the years we would be on the moon.

The “ARSI Business Model” is alien. Not extraterrestrial, but still alien to any business major. When ARSI was founded in September of 1993 many of us were still at college and the idea that we could build space systems in a considered, effective and competent way by earning money to fund our work was a little strange to many even then. But twenty years later we have done just that through consulting and building and spinning-off technologies and companies. We have built many of the infrastructures and technology base for commercial space exploration. Our friends and well wishers, those who have followed us closely, have found that success isn’t measured in billions. It is measured in what you build and what you learn, and the relationships that grow.

Now as we begin building what other companies value more than substance, our profile will extend beyond the makers, geek's, space cadets and many scholars. Then we will be an overnight success.

I want to offer a special thanks to all our friends, supporters, professors and many who were part of our group in the beginning and passed on to another, higher space.

Pax vobiscum, P. Rai Menges, Founder & CEO

*2005 ARSI was awarded a grant by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) operated by the Universities Space Research Association. Not to be confused with the NASA Advanced Innovative Concepts program operated by NASA. The original NIAC was too successful so the US government ended funding. For more information on the original NIAC please visit our links page.


20th Anniversary 1993-2013

Where were you in 1993?
Testing new vertical axis wind turbines
in the desert?
Building adaptive hypersonic
wave engines?
Developing high-temperature materials and sensors?
Designing energy independent
buildings and communities?

Or just getting high?

Join us for our Fall 2013
celebration. Looking forward to
the next 20 years.

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is dedicated to the development of sustainable technologies to advance commercial space and earth communities.

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