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ARSI: The art of innovation and exploration™

Exploration Systems: Building the Private Sector of Commercial Space

For more than two decades, Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) has developed systems and technologies for sustainable solutions for Earth and space.  

The primary barriers to the development of commercial space exploration have been dependence on government sponsored programs. Competence, scientific rigor and education are central to removing barriers and moving commercial space exploration to independent and sustainable activities.

Why commercial private space exploration?

From imaging services to small space research, commercial space has been founded on improving access and data acquisition. Government programs have limited access to observational systems, planetary resources, microgravity research and interplanetary transport. Changes in perspective and the recognition of economic benefits from space are creating new opportunities. Moving beyond government sponsored programs and architectures will be the most significant advancement in human space. We are at the dawn of a new era in space and Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. has created many
of the infrastructures and supporting technologies to establish it as a sustainable space leader. ARSI is uniquely positioned to develop and build new space systems. Our associates are imminently qualified to advance the most sophisticated space science and engineering efforts.

Not just access, but building where we want to go

ARSI's goal is not just access, but building destinations for further commercial development and the industrial expansion of space.

Current and past projects:

- For 2015, design and operate the Space Power Laboratory with Star Sailor Energy, Inc. to develop Star Sailor's patented power storage technology,

- Designed and constructed modular payload systems for research and training simulators,

- Built the first the private Lunar Research Laboratory for virtual prototyping of habitats, construction processes and to support physical testing of habitat materials,

- Built the first virtual prototyping laboratory (2004).


From a new vision in planetary exploration to nano-worlds in materials devices, ARSI is creating technology for a new space age

Above: ARSI's experience in designing materials applications for high-temperature ceramics, optical detectors and catalysts has been highly successful in extending our technology into board level production of enzymes and fuels
Below: The ARSI ANM Martian MAV Concept was proposed as a deployable network for remote sensing, communications, weather forecasting and navigation. These membrane vehicles can be deployed in the upper atmosphere and after days or hours of flight drop to the surface to act as communications and sensor networks. New more ARSI Biomimetic ANM Membrane Vehicles can be deployed by high-altitude or orbital platforms to create a Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) in space and planetary atmospheres.

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