The art of innovation and exploration™: ARSI Space & Exploration Systems Group

ARSI's Space & Exploration Systems Group is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists with a distinguished background in systems engineering, materials, propulsion and power. It has been recognized for developing revolutionary technologies including a new class of functional structures, modular spaceplane systems, power storage technology, hypersonic wave engines and a founding entity in the new field of neural technology. Nearly 20 years ago, the Group created the Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory and today is expanding to dedicated flight operations with ground testing and advanced simulation projects.

Exploration Systems: Building the Private Sector of Commercial Space

For more than two decades, Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) has developed systems and technologies for sustainable solutions for Earth and space.  

The primary barriers to the development of commercial space exploration have been dependence on government sponsored programs. Competence, scientific rigor and education are central to removing barriers and moving commercial space exploration to independent and sustainable activities.

Why commercial space exploration?

From imaging services to space research, commercial space has been founded on improving access, expanding opportunities and extending exploration. Changes in perspective and the recognition of economic benefits from space are creating not just new opportunities, but new methods and technologies. Moving beyond government sponsored programs and architectures will be the most significant advancement in human space. We are at the dawn of a new era in space and ARSI has created many of the infrastructures and supporting technologies to establish it as a sustainable space leader. ARSI is uniquely positioned to develop and build new space systems. Our associates are imminently qualified to advance the most sophisticated space science and engineering efforts.

Not just access, but building where we want to go

ARSI's goal is not just access to space, but building destinations for further commercial development and the industrial expansion of space. To this end ARSI has partnered with two of its spin-off companies and leaders in advanced imaging, control systems and finance to establish a basis for commercializing ARSI technologies and leveraging emerging stars in business, research and engineering.

New senior advisory groups and business development experts are joining ARSI's quarterly seminars for a new perspective on the world of frontier science and exploration systems.


The Space Architects

ARSI has been recognized for excellence in space systems design including concepts for autonomous orbital platforms, interplanetary transport, lunar construction and futuristic model of commercial and private space looking decades ahead, incorporating economic models and emerging technologies. Utilizing national infrastructures experts, ARSI is assessing the future of space internationally. The data supports developments in operations, vehicles and architectures to optimize evolutionary and revolutionary systems.

The ANM micro-aerial vehicle (MAV) network is visualized to create a network for remote sensing, communications and local positioning systems. The modular, redundant architecture provides a fault tolerant system for planetary exploration and surveillance.

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