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Education is the gateway to innovation

Since 1998 ARSI has been involved in mentoring efforts with schools, professional societies and STEM programs. Our earliest website's announced our “Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist” trademark and our dedication to engineering and science education.

Education is the gateway to innovation. It is the foundation of learning that creates the greatest capacity for imagination and problem solving. The future of space and engineering is starting elementary school this year. Preparing the way for the new technologists and innovators is our responsibility and our privilege. That is why all our associates participate in STEM learning events and programs every year.

Our partner and spin-off company Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist,® Inc. is utilizing ARSI visualization systems and neural algorithms to create a new generation of exploration and innovation tools.

Introducing Star Sailor Academy

Star Sailor Energy, Inc., an ARSI spin-off company, is extending its community outreach and energy education to a new virtual academy.

Star Sailor Energy has provided business and community groups with energy education for over seven years. The new program will provide free seminars to teachers and parents interested in STEM programs and energy independence.


Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc., ARSI's partner in STEM and exploration systems

The future success of the United States is incumbent on the scientific and technological literacy of the American people. SITARS and ARSI Network of Companies are teaming to create new opportunities in science education and community outreach.

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