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Dr. James Casler

James Casler, Ph.D., PE

Chief Test Pilot, Orbital Spaceplane Engineering Office & Business Unit

Jim is a former US Marine Corps Aviator and graduate of the US Naval Test Pilot School and has flown 64 aircraft and is known for being the Senior Test Pilot of V-22 Osprey and senior rotary wing instructor at the Navy's test pilot school.

He spent over 10 years directly involved in flight testing new aircraft and systems and another 11 years he held various engineering and management positions with Wyle Laboratories. During his tenure with the Aerospace Group of Wyle Laboratories, he served as Senior Business Development Manager for R&D and was actively engaged in strategic planning and development efforts for new markets in aerospace, primarily in the NASA engineering and technical services arena.


Jim was the Space Studies Department Chair at University of North Dakota where he also served as Director North Dakota Space Grant and North Dakota NASA EPSCoR programs.

Jim completed his doctoral research in human performance in space-based manufacturing and investigated future industrial, mining and manufacturing as well as operations on the surfaces of the Moon and Mars.

His new position as Chief Test Pilot will support the commercialization of ARSi Space™ technologies and establish the operations team for the Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane, the first horizonta-take-off-and-horizontal-landing HTHL Reusable Fast Launch Vehicle, RFLV. He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.

  - ARSi Space announces the appointment of Chief Test Pilot to the Spaceplane Engineering Office.

- ARSi Space™ introduces a dedicated Commercial Astronaut Corps™

- New materials & manufacturing unit enters operations.

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