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Commercial Astronaut Office

ARSi Space™ has been at the forefront of R&D dedicated to evaluating and developing commercial astronaut programs for multiple platforms. Our multidisciplinary approach stressing open architecture environments has been supported by our ARSi Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory, Systems Engineering Group and Vehicle Engineering Team and Spaceplane Engineering Office along with a growing number of space flight partners.

Dr. James
Chief Test Pilot, Spaceplane Engineering
Office & Business Unit

Dr. Thomas Edwards, ATP
Director of Operations & Training

Dr. P. A. Menges, CPL/FTE
President & Director of Engineering &
Adv. Vehicle Systems Laboratory

The Beginning of a New Profession

"The development of commercial astronaut standards is fundamental and individual to the organizations they serve. This highly visible, highly trained professional will become ideally the marketing expert of the future. Not only will he or she be the most knowledgeable in the systems they (operate and) fly, but will need to communicate and educate the customer base. Whether the space tourist or the commercial technology user is their customer they will need the skills of a senior project manager or technical services director to do their jobs well. This creates the commercial astronaut as a technology manager, not just a pilot or engineer. The new paradigm creates numerous possibilities for future space professionals and a level of diversity and innovation in human space never envisioned by government space planners." (Dr. P. A. Menges, Commercial Astronaut Handbook, 2005.)

The CAS team is dedicated to developing operations and training necessary to support commercial space systems across multiple platforms.

Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory (ARSi-AVSL™) Leading Design of Commercial Astronaut Corps™ Training Facility

The AVSL is currently designing the first Commercial Astronaut Corps™ training and research facility to be housed on the same campus as the Star Sailor Energy-ARSi Space™ Spaceport Terminal (right). The renewably powered terminal building is designed with integrated wind and solar, but also utilizes patented technologies and green walls to harvest energy from the environment. Further, the terminal structure will be one of the largest pre-fabricated buildings utilizing ARSi's proprietary additive manufacturing process for building construction.

Planning for the campus includes installation of Star Sailor Energy Self-Powered Intelligent Network (SPIN™) and Star-Com electric mobility stations.


The ARSi Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane™ is one of the most studied vehicles of its kind and offers unique opportunities for applying its modular systems in more advanced simulation and training protocol development.
  - ARSi Space announces the appointment of Chief Test Pilot to the Spaceplane Engineering Office.

- ARSi Space™ introduces a dedicated Commercial Astronaut Corps™.

- New materials & manufacturing unit enters operations.
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