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P. A. Menges, Ph.D. - President & Founder

Dr. Menges earned her doctorate in aerospace engineering and nuclear physics with doctoral advisors Dr. Robert "Bart" Barthelemy (Director National Aerospace Plane X-30 (NASP) and USAF Systems Directorates) and Dr. Wm. H. Chambers (LANL Nuclear Safeguards and Defense Technology, NEST founder). Her doctoral program focused on an interdisciplinary approach to hypersonics and the flight dynamics of transatmospheric vehicles. Beginning her career at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working for Dr. Lawrence Booth, she was responsible for analysis of weapons and national infrastructures as well as reverse engineering foreign production and improvised weapons. She served as lead systems and flight test engineer for several satellite projects in the Space Sciences and Engineering Group working for Mel Duran. Dr. Menges was awarded the Los Alamos Award for a major intelligence product. After leaving Los Alamos, she became an advisor and consultant to numerous defense contractors, high-tech start-ups and financial groups.

Dr. Menges has over twenty years of experience leading multidisciplinary engineering and R&D, building experimental and engineering operations, advanced manufacturing and TD&E. Dr. Menges is founder of six companies including Aerospace Research Systems, LLC., Star Sailor Energy, Inc., Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc., Ars Verde, Inc. and recognized as an innovator in product development creating sustainable products brand Home Planet Solutions®, Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist ®, Rocket Times™ Media and high-tech products such as performance adaptive built environment safe wind turbines, energy harvesting power storage, motorless motion and multifunctional smart structures including nine issued patents.

She is a fellow NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts for her work in neuromorphic functional structures and morphing aircraft wings. Dr. Menges has a FAA commercial pilot license and more than a decade of experience as an engineering pilot and flight test engineer.

She serves as a senior advisor to corporations, university engineering and physics departments and professional societies. She is the Chair of the ASCE EWRI Committee - Advancing Renewable Energy Technologies. She is the author of several book chapters and monographs including Wind Energy in Water Infrastructures (Chapter ASCE 2021), Space Systems Primer (Rocket Times, 2023), Systems Engineering in Commercial Space Development (Working title, Pending, 2023).



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