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Technical Services

ARSi offers a new approach to sustainable systems. Hands-on expertise supporting state of the art product development, R&D and systems integration based on technical excellence, rigorous methods and above all, "your partners in innovation".


For short run specialty products, prototypes and test articles, ARSi offers the skills to meet the most demanding requirements.

Left: 1/4-in extruded AL plate. Pretty welds are more than "skin" deep. ARSi welding capabilities include Tig and Mig processes ( Al, Ti, SS, Cu, Monel and mild steel).

Aerospace, Defense + National Security

National security from a different prospective; not just engineers, scientists, pilots, and technicians, but experienced practitioners. ARSi associates are experienced in national security, emergency response and aerospace operations. Offering a new diversity, that works.

Subject matter experts (SME)

Our SME's are a reflection of the multidisciplinary and diverse culture of ARSi. We blend a unique set of capabilities across leadership, research and engineering for business development, technology assessment, product development, systems engineering, R&D/IR&D, technical operations and manufacturing.

ARSi has experience across metals, ceramics, aramids, films and composites. Our Experimental Shop offers more than short run precision manufacturing and prototyping, extensive experience in R&D support and solutions to production of new technologies as your "Partners in Innovation".

Today, ARSi is at the forefront of R&D and product development with Rapid Advanced Product Integration & Design™ (RAPID™) emphasizing a systems approach to increase efficiency while increasing sustainability.

ARSi's Innovative Approach to Sustainability

- Multidisciplinary teams
- Deep knowledge for successful ideation
- Integrated product design + systems engineering
- Process engineering for new make
- An experienced team translating ideas to products in all stages of prototyping, testing, and manufacturing.

Currant capabilities:

> Systems engineering + integration,
> Flight + ground testing,
> Drone integration, training + operations,
> Materials engineering + R&D,
> Manufacturing (prototyping, new make, short run, process development),
> Renewable energy + microgrid integration,
> S&TI services including reverse engineering,
> Training mock-ups and simulators,
> Technology assessment, IP services and competitive intelligence.

Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory (ARSi-AVSL™)

ARSi's team includes licensed commercial and transport pilots and flight test engineers and test pilots.

Our chief test pilot, Dr. James Casler and Operations & Training Director, Dr. Thomas Edwards (ATP), are recognized internationally in their fields. The AVSL is currently designing the first Commercial Astronaut Corps™ training and research facility.

Our aircraft engineering and development capabilities include experimental aircraft
construction, fabrication of landing gear and engine mounts, and production of simulators and mock-ups.

From systems integration to aircraft modification to training and operations, our team is here to assist.

Drones are now serving in many commercial areas. Sensors, cameras and new operational requirements can be met through ARSi's comprehensive services.

  - ARSi Space announces the appointment of Chief Test Pilot to the Spaceplane Engineering Office.

- ARSi Space™ introduces a dedicated Commercial Astronaut Corps™.

- New materials & manufacturing unit enters operations.

ARSi Space™, Aerospace Research Systems, LLC. is a women-owned and operated company.
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