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Above: ARSi's product development experience encompasses advanced materials to prototyping complex systems, from the new to the never been done before.

Intelligent Rapid Advanced Product Integration & Design™

i-RAPID™, ARSi's ideation process delivers extensive experience in multidisciplinary solutions. Based in systems engineering, RAPI™ creates efficiencies and builds on client's technology.

Our multidisciplinary team offers more than 25 years of experience developing, testing and manufacturing advanced technologies.

The RAPID™ process is directed at new and existing products to derivation and expanding product lines, RAPI delivers cost effective quality.

i-RAPID™ in Prototyping, An innovation breakthrough

From conceptual to manufacturing prototypes, ARSi's Product Development Team's RAPI™ process provides tools for new opportunities and innovative solutions. Please contact us with your requirements. ASRi is your partner in innovation.

Technical Services: Meeting the Needs of a Changing World


From supporting innovation to protecting your investment

Technology assessment, IP strategies and competitive intelligence

ARSY's technical leadership are experienced in all facets of technology assessment. Our team provides support in vetting new technologies, evaluating prototypes and intellectual property for VC, M&A, partnering and business development. From multi-billion dollar re-compete contracts to high-value technology start-ups, we have the experience to support advanced and emerging technology efforts.

Our engineering and scientific capabilities are integrated with S&TI analysis, technology law and intellectual property resources. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you. .

Training, Growing Innovation

ARSi has decades of experience in driving innovation through creative multidisciplinary teams. Our proven training model incorporates quality knowledge management processes building the environment to grow innovation.
From bread boarding and testing to in-plant process development, ARSi's technical services can alleviate strain on human capital requirements while supporting client operations.

Whether, project management or supporting specific needs, ARSi offers flexibility and responsiveness.

Training, Change + Transition Management

Communications and training in organizational development is critical to success. Where most organizations have a solid concept of management needs, creating a transition within the organization that preserves culture and critical knowledge can be challenging. Contact us to discuss your requirements and goals. NDA's are available upon request.


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