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ARSY partnering with Star Sailor Power to create new solutions in energy storage and build combined heat and power (CHP) systems

The new space engineering era is dependent on innovative power solutions. Power storage for decades has been nearly exclusively supported by chemical batteries. Continuing issues in battery safety, environmental impact and the growing power density requirements for microgrid applications on Earth and in space are driving new technologies to the forefront. New approaches to energy harvesting created by Star Sailor Power technologies could change the paradigm for power storage forever.

Changing, by definition, the concept of a battery stack and creating 24/7 wind energy

Star Sailor's Multifunctional Storage System (MSS) is a non-electrolytic battery that offers a lightweight, safe alternative to traditional batteries. The combined heat and power (CHP) function creates new applications in thermal management for vehicles and solar concentrator systems. Further, initial studies in battery stack management indicates that the Multifunctional Storage System (MSS) not only augments traditional battery power, but offers new capacity to manage heat within the battery stack.

Star Sailor Power became the first spin-off company of ARSy's first spin-off, Star Sailor Energy, Inc. Star Sailor Power, LLC. secured initial funding to begin prototyping of its On-Demand Power Module seen as a solution to reliable wind energy with 24/7 electricity as well as other patented applications to heavy and energy thirsty power drive technology, automation and electric generation in a lightweight, reliable package. The partnership also continues development of SSP's patented non-electrolytic power storage technology envisioned to augment and replace battery stacks in automobiles, aviation, space, medicine, renewable energy, and robotics. The SSP power storage technology is offers a safe, reliable system capable of direct DC charging, energy harvesting and a nearly limitless shelf-life.

From the original Star Sailor Power Press release: "On the success of Star Sailor Energy’s recent launch of the first performance enhanced wind turbine products; its newest effort will be to commercialize its patented energy storage technology. The new project will bring together Star Sailor Energy, Inc. and Aerospace Research Systems to develop prototypes for satellite, 24/7 wind power, and electric vehicle applications based on Star Sailor’s patented energy storage and motorless motion technology. Initial funding creates a unique opportunity to apply ARSY's extensive experience in advanced materials, intelligent systems and space technology to a potential game changer in energy storage and on-demand power for renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles."


Building efficiency + security: The local power advantage

The transition to locally generated electricity requires new approaches to energy storage. Star Sailor Power and its parent company Star Sailor Energy have patented and developed new technologies for combined energy storage and electrical generation. Most importantly is the opportunity to move to local power generation for communities.







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