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Sustainability as a foundation to technology development in aerospace, defense and supporting national security.

ARSi Space™, a new approach to sustainable systems. Hands-on expertise supporting state of the art product development, R&D and systems integration based on technical excellence.


Carbon Zero Data™: Secure, resilient wireless networks uniting space and terrestrial systems

Star Sailor Energy™ was the first spin-off of ARSi. Today ARSi partners with Star Sailor to integrate its innovative wind energy and energy storage technologies for a variety of missions including Star Sailor's Self-Powered Intelligent Networks (SPIN™). SPIN™ technology integrates Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) platform and ARSi's neuromorphic systems.

SPIN™ integrates Star Sailor Wind multifunctional, hybrid platforms for all domain operations and is the platform for the Orbital Combat™ metaverse and R&D program.

Right: Star Sailor WInd T-Com UPS prototype (2010) originally developed for remote aerospace telemetry. The new Star Sailor patented biomimetic high-lift (Hy-VAWT), based on a decade of testing, is the UPS platform for SPIN™ remote server network.

Renewables in Systems Integration

ARSi is at the forefront in the application of renewables in terrestrial operations and space systems with a history of innovation in green energy and renewables.

Space technology has long integrated solar power, but never leveraged the thermal capabilities thoroughly. Today ARSi is applying the characteristics of the space environment to more than thermal management, but directly to power generation, motorless motion and storage.

  - ARSi Space announces the appointment of Chief Test Pilot to the Spaceplane Engineering Office.

- ARSi Space™ introduces a dedicated Commercial Astronaut Corps™.

- New materials & manufacturing unit enters operations.
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