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Technical Services

ARSY offers a new approach to sustainable systems. Hands-on expertise supporting state of the art product development, R&D and systems integration based on technical excellence, rigorous methods and above all, "your partners in innovation".

Successful projects are a product of experience and training. There are no tricks from "management science" or cultural cliche's just the real competency that only dedication to good practice can provide. r.st

Our associates offer technical and scientific services supporting R&D, project management, product development, systems engineering, training and communications, as well as hands-on prototyping, manufacturing and product integration. Our unique experience in collaborative research and teaming are available to assist in developing new ventures, technology assessment and recruitment.

Subject matter experts (SME)

Our SME's are a reflection of the multidisciplinary and diverse culture of ARSY. We blend a unique set of capabilities across leadership, research and engineering for business development, technology assessment, product development, systems engineering, R&D/IR&D, technical operations and manufacturing.

Aerospace + National Security

National security from a different prospective; not just engineers, scientists, pilots, and technicians, but experienced practitioners. Over eighty percent of ARSY associates are experienced in national security, emergency response and aerospace operations. Offering a new diversity, that works.

Drone integration and operations.



For short run specialty products, prototypes and test articles, ARSY offers the skills to meet the most demanding requirements.

Left: 1/4-in extruded AL plate. Pretty welds are more than "skin" deep. ARSY welding capabilities include Tig and Mig processes ( Al, Ti, SS, Cu, Monel and mild steel).


Product Development Services: A new approach to sustainability

ARSY offers broad skills and a multidisciplinary team supporting product development from ideation to new make with extensive experience in all stages of prototyping, testing, marketing and manufacturing.

More than a decade ago, ARSY was at the forefront of visualization bringing the concept to the client in new ways. Today, we are at the forefront of R&D and product development with Rapid Advanced Product Integration (RAPI) emphasizing a systems approach to increase efficiency while increasing sustainability.

Currant capabilities:

> Systems engineering + integration,
> Design + analysis,
> Flight + ground testing,
> Materials engineering + R&D,
> Manufacturing (prototyping, new make, short run, process development),
> Renewable energy + microgrid integration.

> Aerospace + Defense

ARSY's associates offer a multidisciplinary approach to aerospace discisplines and can support R&D/IRAD project management and systems engineering including vehicle integration, space systems and communications, flight and ground testing, flight and technical operations management, airspace design, APU and power design, thermal management, aerospace safety, crew resource management, payload design and integration, security and emergency management, and training and mock-up design and fabrication. S&TI services including reverse engineering and forensics.




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