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World Class R&D

Innovation is at the heart of what we do.

Recognized for creating innovative technologies and scientific achievement, ARSi offers sustainable product development, support growing needs in industry and government.

From hypersonic propulsion to autonomous intelligent systems (AIS), ARSi has been at the forefront of aerospace R&D and systems engineering.

Our transition to product development and sustainability is nothing new. ARSi’s foundational research in biomimetic systems, shape memory materials and intelligent mechatronics is the basis for the field of Impossible Machines™ that has brought to market revolutionary efficiency in product from Star Sailor Energy.

ARSi's new design team is focusing on innovation in agricultural, architectural, and construction technologies, built upon more than two decades of organizational excellence, experience and innovation.

Home Planet Solutions®, emphasizing sustainability and brand integrity is the flagship under which ARSi's proven innovative skills and Passion for the Planet™, is thriving.

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Electrical Safety: Issues for Electric Aircraft and Vertiport Operations
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