ARSI to support development of Star Sailor Energy's patented power storage technology

"On the success of Star Sailor Energy’s recent launch of the first performance enhanced wind turbine products; its newest effort will be to commercialize its patented energy storage technology. The new project will bring together Star Sailor Energy, Inc. and Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) to develop a technology demonstrator based on Star Sailor’s patented energy storage technology. Initial funding creates a unique opportunity to apply ARSI’s extensive experience in advanced materials, smart structures and space systems to a potential game changer in energy storage and on-demand power for renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles. The new venture will include development of the Space Power Laboratory to advance the use of Star Sailor Energy’s energy storage technology in orbital and planetary applications." (From Star Sailor Energy's Press Release 25 February 2015)

The Space Power Laboratory is a cooperative project founded by Star Sailor Energy, Inc. and supported by Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI). For two-decades ARSI has been creating sustainable technologies for Earth and space.

Space exploration and commercial space development are dependent on innovative power solutions. Power storage for decades has been nearly exclusively supported by chemical batteries. Continuing issues in battery safety, environmental impact and the growing power density requirements for microgrid applications on Earth and in space are driving new technologies to the forefront. New approaches to energy harvesting created by Star Sailor Energy power storage technology could change the paradigm for power storage forever.

ARSI's world class materials bridging new areas of research and application

ARSI's materials expertise is being applied to sustainable buildings and research facilities. New engineered materials are complementing concrete technology. These new building materials offer lighter, modular structures with high-energy efficiency and strength. One of this century's most challenging problems is housing. Sustainable, affordable housing offering energy efficiency can be met by ARSI's new lightweight materials technology. Other applications (below) include anechoic chambers as well as a new approach to lunar and remote structures.



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Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist®

Since our first web site in the late 1990’s, Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist® has been synonymous with ARSI and innovation. Now Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc is a new corporation dedicated to innovative processes, advanced computer systems, knowledge management and science and technology based information services. It is organized to commercialize ARSI’s revolutionary information technologies, to kick-start a new era in computing and publication for medicine, education, industry, research and space exploration.

Developing revolutionary technologies

ARSI's Artificial Neural Membrane (ANM) Technology is redefining smart structures, enabling the first self-organizing, programmable smart skin system. The ANM's intelligent "brane" offers an environment for the integration of micro- and nano-scale devices. ANM Technology has been described as important as semiconductors in the 1950's. Recognized by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) as a new class of functional structures, with US and foreign patents and patents pending, it creates the first Internet of Everything Small (IoES)™ enabling networking of nano-scale and micro-scale devices in an adaptive, open architecture environment.

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