Aerospace Research Systems, LLC, ARSi Space™ is a systems engineering and R&D firm that has pioneered virtual networks supporting collaboration and advancing innovation.

ARSi is recognized as an innovator and developer of aerospace power and propulsion, advanced materials, mechatronic technologies, neuromorphic computing and morphing and cognitive vehicles.

Our mission to develop sustainable technologies for earth and space continues as does our commitment to strengthening our community, both locally and nationally.

The diversity that has built a wealth of innovative technologies also continues. Our founding principals of good practice, ethics and scientific excellence is central to our organization.

We are transitioning to a dedicated manufacturing and technical services firm.

For more than fifteen years we have managed R&D and manufacturing start-up for specialty and early-stage companies. Our engineering expertise offers multidisciplinary capabilities with mature, competent professionals.


On-site or remote. We are here with decades of experience.

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