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Dr. James Casler named Chief Test Pilot, joining the Spaceplane Engineering Office

Dr James Casler named Chief Test Pilot and will be integral to the Spaceplane Business unit. Everyone who knows Jim will tell you he is a nice guy. He is also what you would expect from a man that spent his life contributing to aerospace, national security, good practice in engineering and education.
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Star Sailor Power, LLC, has licensed patented technology to ARSi Space™

The energy harvesting iX-Satellite (iX-Sat™) offers a scalable platform for space power, communications & remote sensing. Invented by Dr. Pamela Menges, the technology has been demonstrated in several experimental prototypes including Star Sailor Power’s intelligent Energy and Power Storage System (iEPSS™).


The iEPSS™ integrates reactive and reconfigurable structures. Coupled with ARSi's extensive experience in multifunctional structures, the potential to develop the iEPSS as a self-deploying small satellite (iX-Sat™) offers multiple advantages as the variable geometry structure reduces mass and volume in the launch payload while supporting an open-architecture platform.

ARSi's new brand includes Linux based rugged computers

Fast Walker Computing™ & Fast Walker Computers™ are joining ARSi's new device line with hardened electronics and open-source OS. ARSi has been integrating computers and instrumentation for nearly three-decades. The lessons learned from field and flight testing vehicles and technologies will be available by early 2024.

Materials & Manufacturing Group adds capabilities with Intelligent Rapid Advanced Product Integration & Design (i-RAPID™)

ARSi's Intelligent Rapid Advanced Product Integration & Design ™ (i-RAPID™) emphasizes a systems approach increasing efficiency and sustainability. Our technical services group has been supporting prototyping and short run precision manufacturing for more than fifteen years and is recognized for increasing efficiencies through optimization process engineering. These unique skills are available to a larger community through our Technical Services Group. ARSi Space™ supports a growing number of small and not so small organizations in R&D, systems engineering, product development and new make programs. The new Materials & Manufacturing Group is available to discuss your requirements and interests.

ARSi Space™ launches new era in space systems with Commercial Astronaut Corps™ program .

ARSi Space™ began development of advanced training simulators for space operations and human factors research over twenty years ago.

Studying state of the art programs in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe, the ARSi Space™ Space Systems Team and the Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory, established formal criteria balancing proposed missions of the Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane, current and proposed commercial planetary missions, and current "stealth" partner's launch systems.

The systems-based program is designed to support customer requirements, training of personnel and ground and flight crews.

It is also intended to support R&D in a wide variety of space systems, manufacturing and digital systems integration.

For information look for announcements on LinkedIn or contact us directly.


- ARSi Space announces the appointment of Chief Test Pilot to the Spaceplane Engineering Office.

- ARSi Space™ introduces a dedicated Commercial Astronaut Corps™ program

- New materials & manufacturing unit enters operations.

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