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Materials & Manufacturing

ARSi Space™ is recognized for excellence in materials sciences.

Developing a new class of functional structures and contributions in mechatronics.

Diverse experience in materials research, engineering and applications.

Currently manufacturing for specialty companies and integrators.

Product Development: Ideation to Innovation

Our product development capabilities have been demonstrated for diverse customers including aerospace and defence contractors, start-ups and support for modernization, technology succession and M&A.

"ARSi is one of the few firms that can offer state-of-the-art visualization for innovation and ideation services integrated with real physical, mechanical and electronic fabrication capabilities."

Prototyping & Process Engineering

ARSi has established prototyping capabilities for all stages from concept to process engineering and manufacturing.

Capabilities including:

- Welding, TIG and Mig.
- Brazing.
- Sheet metal.
- Machining.
- Soft fabrication including foams, films, and textiles.
- Mechanical assembly.
- Additive manufacturing.
- Technical and marketing models.
- American Made - supply chain and sourcing.

Our transition to contract services and manufacturing is the product of nearly 25 years of organizational excellence and experience.

Materials & Products

ARSI's current products include green composites and proprietary armor panels and RF/microwave permeable enclosures.

ARSi Bang Panels™ can be configured for a variety of applications. Lightweight and encapsulated armor and aramids are available for a variety of applications.

Signals & Tactics - RF/Microwave permeable enclosures in a variety of colors and sizes to 20-m.

ARSi ComTech-Pods™offer privacy and reduced exposure of signals and interference in facilities and in stand alone units. Not a SCIF but pretty darn close.

For further information or to discuss your applications and requirements contact us today.


We like pretty welds.
Experience and attention to detail are critical to success. We can offer efficiencies in many areas of R&D, product development, integration and modernization. We do not skimp on the basics. Above: 6061-T6 Tig welded plate and tubing.

ARSI's capabilities in welding include aerospace materials and emerging metals. We offer Mig and Tig welding (Al, SS, Cu, Ti, Monel and more). Our capabilities also include sheet metal, machining and assembly.

From hypersonic propulsion to autonomous intelligent systems (AIS), ARSI has been at the forefront of aerospace R&D and prototyping not just the new and experimental, but the "never been done before."

Doped ceramic material developed at ARSI, using new process preparing ceramics for sensors and thin film deposition (right).

Hand-built aluminum airplanes are coming back. ARSi is one of the few firms with the ability to design and assemble real airplanes for research, testing, and unmanned operations. Center section wing assembly (below).


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