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Vehicle Engineering
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Vehicle Engineering

ARSi Space™ Vehicle Engineering is a dedicated program combining the capabilities across our Advanced Materials, Systems Engineering, Manufacturing and Materials, and Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory.


From systems integration to aircraft modification to training and operations, our team is here to assist.

Drones are now serving in many commercial areas. Sensors, cameras and new operational requirements can be met through ARSi's comprehensive services.


The ARSi MothBat ™ Hyper-STOL Research Aircraft

The ARSi MothBat ™ is designed by Dr. Menges, as an experimental aircraft to evaluate high-lift, hyper-short-take-off-and-landing (Hyper-STOL) performance of a new wing geometry.

The MothBat ™ is conceptualized to take-off and land in as short a distance as three-hundred feet. The ability under the right conditions to nearly hover with a stall speed near 19 knots would allow the experimental aircraft to provide critical performance data for morphing wing technology of the ARSi Mark 6.

Much of the data available for the four to five phases of the neuromorphically controlled morphing wing is available without wind tunnel and flight testing, however the landing and hover configuration has never been executed in a crewed flight vehicle.

Unlike flapping wing aircraft developed by Delaurier and Harris at the University of Toronto, the MothBat ™ uses a conventional propeller propulsion system. Incorporating new lightweight aircraft engine technology and is projects to operate for two-three hours longer than the current uncrewed or remotely piloted large commercial drones and expected to operate for up to eight hours in ideal conditions.

The MothBat ™ team is in the process of formulating a fabrication plan. The experimental flying version will be capable of carrying one to two people. Further a spiral landing procedure may allow the landing area close to the size of a large commercial parking and a new concept to air mobility in urban and developed areas, the Micro Airport™.

Vehicle Engineering Experience

ARSi's associates experience in vehicle engineering includes automotive, aircraft, spacecraft and surface vessels (marine) with unique experience in integrating experimental systems, ballistic armor, supporting ground and flight testing, and reverse engineering for forensic studies and FME.
Specialists with have hands-on experience with research vehicles and can support operations in the air, on the ground and at sea.

A Very Short history of ARSi Aircraft

During the early years of ARSi, we built several aircraft including remotely piloted and hybrid (flown with and without crews) aircraft. Three of the four were portable on trailers and pick-up trucks. Two were used in aerial photography and resource management. Above: T-2 wing in construction by P. A. Menges.

Today ARSi Space™ is once again ramping up vehicle construction and expanding fabrication capabilities with the Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane Testbed, the Mothbat™ and the Mark 5 and Mark 6 aircraft.

  - ARSi Space announces the appointment of Chief Test Pilot to the Spaceplane Engineering Office.

- ARSi Space™ introduces a dedicated Commercial Astronaut Corps™.

- New materials & manufacturing unit enters operations.

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